Baby Photo Frame

Order Baby Photo Frame Online:

Buy Baby Photo Frame online only from Dize Designs. We provide you with huge varieties of cute baby photo frames models. So don’t miss the opportunity to grab one for your cute munchkin.

My First Year Photo Frame for babies is a super hit product in the market. The 12 months of your kid in a pretty photo frame. Document each month of your baby without fail from day one. Then choose the best picture to be framed for each month. Yaay! It’s done. You get the best baby timeline photo frame of your baby.

Photo Frame for Babies:

1 to 12 months photo frame is a best gift to treasure. This baby monthly photo frame is done in two sizes as per your wish at affordable prices. You will get to know the value of this only in late future.

Baby Photo Frame is up for sale from Dize Designs. Baby Photo Frames online with Free Delivery all over India. Cash on Delivery available. My First year photo frame is truly a special one for the baby when it grows up. We have many Baby Photo Frame models. 12 month photo frame is a cute and creative gift for birthday parties.

Can we include Baby Details in a Photo Frame?

Absolutely yes. Your baby birth details frame with all the minute detailing in a cute gift. The details needed for this frame is

  • The name of your munchkin.
  • Prince or Princess of (Parents name)
  • Birth Weight of your baby
  • Birth Date
  • Which Day of the week.
  • The exact time of the first cry
  • The Zodiac sign of your baby
  • A cute newborn photo.

You can personalize these above details also as per your choice.

If it’s a baby girl photo frame we customize the baby biodata frame in pink color and with mickeys on it.

If it’s a baby boy photo frame we customize the baby biodata frame in yellow color with Simba on it.

Sounds cool right? Get yours done quickly with us.

Baby Photo Frame at Superior quality:

We have the best baby photo frame with Premium matte lamination and high quality black frames which gives a royal look to the frame.

The best memories collected in this best phase of life is to be cherished forever. Don’t forget to document the craziest and cutest activities of your child and get it framed with Dize Designs.

Childhood is something one can never get back to experience. So its your duty as parents to create as many memories possible for your kid. The pictures you take now will be appreciated by your baby in future. That’s the best reward one can get right?

Where can I get Baby Monthly Photo Frame Online?

Dize Designs is a go to place for that. The Baby Timeline is a lifetime treasure guys. If you are new parents never miss to photograph your child’s milestones regularly or monthly. We design the frame especially for your little munchkin with personalization as per choice.

My First Birthday Photo Frame

Baby’s first one year with vibrant colors is a super hit product of ours. 1 to 12 months with each months mentioned below the frame. We even customize with wordings like the baby’s mind voice. That is Hi, I am Jithu and this is how I grew up!

You parents tend to sometimes forget to frame all these little details as you are surrounded by tons of household and baby chores. But please don’t miss saving all these cute memories for viewing that as a treasure in future.

Baby Photo Frame can be gifted for naming ceremony, christening ceremony, birthday parties etc. Dize Designs is the best place to get your baby photo frames done.

Baby Picture Frame Designs

Its time to dust your photo albums to find the childhood picture of you and your partner to feel all the nostalgia and get it framed with the cute picture of your newborn.

The details mentioned there is

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Me

In a 12*4 inches frames which best suits for your bed side table or the showcase. So get it done with us and cherish your mornings waking up to this and feeling thankful and complete for your cute little family.

Baby’s 1st year Photo Frame Models

Want to gift something very special for a 1st birthday party. Here we present you with the best gift for a baby’s birthday party. The bestsellers in our baby photo frames category are

  • Baby Timeline
  • Baby Biodata
  • Little family frame

1 to 12 Months Photo Frames for Babies:

Baby Photo Frames 12 months is the new trend going on to treasure your baby’s childhood forever. Save your baby’s monthly photos to witness the beautiful growth of your munchkin.

If your baby happy birthday is on the way grab a baby birthday photo frame from Dize Designs to give a super fabulous look to grace your kiddo’s birthday party.

Birthday frames for boys and birthday frames for girls while they are babies can be gifted a baby biodata with all the Important details included it will be so happy and delighted to look at that in the future.

Birthday Photo Frames for Babies:

When it’s a baby birthday the first thing that comes to your mind is how to do the décor.  We have the perfect photo frames to decorate your party stage with.

The best thing out of that is please spend something on reusable products. The Photo frames are something you can lock and keep like for even a century. So why leave a opportunity while you can grab some Pretty valuable frames at such affordable prices.

12 Month Photo Frames for Babies:

Any other customization in that frame and anything related to first birthday party frames also can be done.

For that you can drop us a message through the chat window at the right bottom of our site.

Baby Photo Frame 12 months

1st birthday photo frame is something special for the whole family. Both the child and the parents will cherish that forever as they did something that stays close to their heart forever. We provide classy premium matte finish frames at best prices with free shipping all over India.

Ideas for Baby Photo shoot and Photo Frames:

Some ideas for monthly photo shoots for your baby to have your Baby Photo Frames.

You should photograph your baby mostly with natural light and a decent phone camera is far enough for a cute mini photoshoot. Make sure your kiddo’s dress and background goes well.

The first thing you have to note here is whether the baby is comfortable with the environment, and is it tummy full. If it’s a weeks old baby then put him/her to sleep to capture some amazing shots of your baby.

These are some ideas to work out a pocket friendly photoshoot in the indoors. You should do this without fail for 12 months. And make sure you frame these pics. The Baby Photo frames and my first year frame will grow with the baby and will remain as a great treasure.

My First Year Photo Frame

Once you capture choose 12 awesome moments of your baby and get it framed with Dize Designs for the 1st birthday photo frame. The baby photo frame is something everyone likes and loves to watch when they come to your house. And that too when you can get premium quality baby frame photo at cheap prices with free delivery all over India. Do you want to miss this chance. No right? Hurry up! Place your order soon.

What is the Baby Photo Frame price at Dize Designs?

Baby Biodata 12*8 inches at just Rs.749.

Baby Timeline 12*8 inches at just Rs.799

With Free Delivery all over India and Cash on Delivery available.